Saturday, August 25, 2012

Remembering Roc Raida

Fellow X-Ecutioner Rob Swift put together a project dedicated to the legendary DJ in honor of his untimely passing. Check out what Swift has to say about the Roc for Raida mixtape below and watch the video recorded at the listening party, which prominently features some touching words from DJ Mista Sinista on his late friend/idol.
Roc for Raida is a collection of songs (some unreleased) and battle style routines that defined Roc Raida the artist. I also recorded original scratch/beat juggle compositions dedicated to Raida. In addition to the assortment of music, I included what I thought were lost interview archives (courtesy of John Carluccio) which take you, the listener, into the hearts and minds of X-men’s Steve D, myself and of course the man of the hour, Roc Raida. I’m happy to say, Mista Sinista, Precision and Total Eclipse also make cameos paying tribute to some of our favorite Roc Raida battle sets.

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